Natural paths. Art, culture, sport and wellness

Finally I can announce something that I am truly proud of!

Thanks to the contribution of the Lazio Region, from this Saturday, starting the project “Natural paths. Art, culture, sport and wellness" created by ArcheoRunning of which I am founder.

A project that was born with the intention of promoting and creating new strategic destinations, which enhance new products and new places in the Lazio Region. The important element of the project is the experiential tourism, linked to the passions and interests of all and which has Rome as its appeal, but with a completely new appeal, which also functions as a gateway to new places in the capital and the neighboring villages of Lazio, so as to tell the territories and reveal their legendary history.

ArcheoRunning wants to propose sustainable, innovative and accessible tourism, who cares the theme of responsible enhancement and of the territorial, environmental and cultural heritage, thus giving life to an innovative experiential tourism product, which embraces various sectors such as culture, well-being, sport, nature, food and wine and outdoor experience.

Qualified tourist guides will be fundamental, with their storytelling telling the brand of the Lazio Region to journalists, travel agents, tour operators, influencers and bloggers, so as to emotionally involve them, handing down evocative and traditional aspects in full ArcheoRunning style, a project to entice more people to practice sports and at the same time get to know the culture of the places visited.

Both physical and psychological wellness proposals will be made, attributable to the rediscovery of identity and hospitality, traditions and the local way of life. Several archaeological sites will be visited in a new and unusual way, promoting gentle walks and running tours, which will allow to promote not only the sporting culture of a place, but also its natural environment and the reference territory, becoming an attraction for younger tourists, thanks to the precious work done by bloggers and influencers. The routes and itineraries will give way to create thematic circuits to also attract foreign tourism, thanks to journalists, travel agents and tour operators, and at the same time raise awareness of the beauty of the indigenous territory.

This project is intended to make gentle sporting activity a real source of attraction for tourist flows. We intend to propose and promote a tourism that takes care of both body and soul, also called wellness tourism.

The first events will start in March with The ancient Rome running tour, Roman holidays running tour, ArcheoUrban Trekking of the three villas of Rome, ArcheoUrban Trekking of the seven hills of Rome, The strange fountains of Rome running tour. Events in which sweet movement will be combined with culture with professionalism, a unicum that characterizes ArcheoRunning everywhere.

Follow my channels and ArcheoRunning channels, you will get to know new destinations and new ideas. Lots of tips and unexpected surprises!

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