ArcheoRunning, started with a hunch.

ArcheoRunning running tour in Rome

Very often the pepole asked me how the idea of ArcheoRunningcame about, because many are fascinated by it. I answer that it was born with a bet, an intuition, sprung from clues that I collected on the street when, for work, at dawn around the city saw runners, Italian and foreign, who followed the way on the gps app on their mobile phone. So I decided in 2016 to create ArcheoRunning.

Of course there were several milestones leading up to this: in 2013 I moved to Rome from Calabria, and I immediately started to work as an internal guide for the Colosseum. In 2014 I discovered the fantastic world of running and became a runner (and subsequently also a marathoner and triathlete). In 2015 I decided to become a nationally licensed tour guide. Exactly one year later ArcheoRunning began – a project that combined my passions, and was also encouraged by friends. "Why don't you do guided tours while running?" – they asked me – "Why not!" – I replied to myself. There was something that was missing, though. Something that would bring it full circle and make everything perfect. I undertook a long professional study that culminated in becoming a coach for Fidal (Italian Athletics Federation) and Coni (Italian National Olympic Committee). This further ensures the safety of my clients, and gives the project that extra something, which makes it unique.

This is how ArcheoRunning was created doing running tour and walking tour private, offering the security of professional certified.

The motto that characterizes ArcheoRunning Carpe Diem seize the moment! In fact, a simple pause during a run becomes an occasion to catch your breath and let yourself be carried away by emotions and stories. Stop to breathe and seize the moment. Abandon the thought of our hectic lives and enjoy an unforgettable experience, strengthening the links between art, sport, running and gentle movement. Through our impeccable attention to detail è and our personalized approach, we will transport you…In fact, the mission of ArcheoRunning is to place the tourist at the heart of the experience. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken away a little bit of my hope; this is of course nothing in comparison to those who have lost something more precious, such as life. But I am a burgeoning entrepreneur with a small business; there is no a big agency backing me. I was starting to be recognized and appreciated. Now, in light of this situation, I find myself having to start all over again. But I won’t give up. Like a good Calabrian and Aries (not only a zodiac sign, but also an ancient machine used during war), I'm resilient and focusing on recovery.

I miss my job so much, and I'm not talking about the economic component. I miss contact, even just eye contact with people. Their light, their smiles sustain me. For me, someone who was shy and introverted, my work as a tour guide and the resulting project of ArcheoRunning, were cure-alls. I've changed, and running has changed me for the better. Especially because I have combined this with my love for art history, Roman history and the city of Rome.

Despite everything I remain positive, and as Queen Elisabeth II says, "we will succeed - and that success will belong to every one of us." “we will succeed – and that sucess will belong to every one of us”.

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