The unveiled Colosseum running tour (or walking tour)

ArcheoRunning Running tour in Rome

Hello Folks! I'm really happy to share with you absolute novelty by ArcheoRunning, one of a kind: The unveiled Colosseum running tour (or walking tour)!

What will we do so special?
We will start with a beautiful running tour among the iconic squares of the Eternal City, mixed with a part of the ruins that have made Rome great in the world. This first part is totally tailored, based on your departure address, Hotel or apartment where the pick-up will take place.

Then, we will enter the Colosseum following a new path, usually not open to the public.
We will visit the intermediate gallery, we will have access to the third order and from here to the attic, from where you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view!

All this thanks to a licensed tour guide, art historian and coach.
ArcheoRunning is one of a kind for this very reason, you will visit the city not only in a different new way and with a professional, but you will also have access to places not usually accessible to everyone.

Thanks to Parco archeologico del Colosseo and the Director Alfonsina Russo for this beautiful opportunity for the tour guide like me! So, we can give unforgettable experience to our guest.

Are you curious?

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ArcheoRunning Running tour in Rome
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