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ArcheoRunning running tour in Rome

Very often people ask me what makes ArcheoRunning so special. You can understand my answer in the published photos, or in all those present in my feed on Instagram.

What makes my project special, is to visit a city still asleep with a light jogging. Crossing the squares in the silence of the morning, broken only by the sound of shoes on the street. The emotions, the joy, the ancient story told by a professional of culture and sport, who made storytelling the reason for her life. Everything is made unique by the attention to detail and the safety in following the anti-Covid rules, but also by taking care of the customer's well-being.

ArcheoRunning is my dream that I'm trying to achieve, dedicating all the time it deserves. I want to demonstrate her potential thanks to values ​​that represent her personality such as professionalism, experience, creativity, culture and sport. It is a news of experiential tourism, which is becoming more and more important in the tourism market. This new way of discovering Rome, while riding a bike, running or simply walking, gives the participants a new perspective on the monuments of the Eternal City. ArcheoRunning contributes to the enhancement of the cultural heritage which is included in the running route and gives the chance to rediscover such sites with a different point of view. The routes are proposed in compliance with safety standards, trying to avoid crowded areas or to visit them at unusual times. They are carefully planned in order to become an effective and unique instrument of change.

I am very sure that this could be an innovation for the years to come, I know it because I see the faces of the people that I guide around the city, their amazement, their "wow!" arriving in the empty squares in the early morning. All these fill my heart with joy and keep me going, despite all the difficulties.

I studied and developed many paths, I searched for the most hidden and stunning places in the city, I told their whole story, with the accuracy that characterizes me. But that's not all, because I will still seek, study, develop and tell a lot more. The beauty of this job is that we never stop, we grow independently, but also with those who follow us. It is precisely for this reason that I love my work and what I do so deeply, hoping one day to be able to involve everyone in this sense of well-being, joy and culture. Let everyone know the #RunDipity!RunDipity!

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