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ArcheoRunning running tour in Rome

Let's unravel some doubts

We decided to write this article because some are still a bit confused about the activities we offer. We remind everyone that ArcheoRunning is NOT a competition nor a hard workout. It is light jogging, a new way of living the city while gently exercising

Our philosophy is that everyone should move for their well-being. Everyone, with due caution, can approach our activities. We are professionals, also for sport. Before starting every activity, the participants will be asked some questions in order to understand the physical level they start from and to allow them to complete their experience in the best way.

The stages of the running activity will be as follows:

  • Warming up
  • Running tour
  • Cooling down

The middle stage will never be the same for everyone, but it will be customized according to the physical conditions of the participant. There will be an easy pace, which will be slowed down when approaching places of interest. Here, the participants will stop and have time to catch their breath, while the guide will describe the site. Then the group will gradually resume the activity.

Walking tours are an alternative proposal for people who cannot run for several reasons. Running and walking are effective ways of relieving stress by increasing the production of catecholamines, hormones which improve our ability to respond to difficulties. hereThe results of immediate well-being are the reasons why more and more people are getting involved with running and walking and cannot give up those activities which are becoming the most popular sports in the world.

Rome is the best location for such activities: a magic and fascinating city, full of romance, history and stunning views. Rome: romantic, rich in history and with breathtaking views, a magical city that fascinates everyone. Tourism is a much relevant economic sector for the city of Rome and including sports in the touristic offers, together with art and culture, can arouse a big interest in nowadays society.

ArcheoRunning wishes to promote the development of a more liveable city both for the tourists and for the citizens who live in the city every day, by leading people to practising a regular and gentle sport activity. The main purpose of the project is to help all age groups to approach sports while inviting them to explore the city and its beauties. Its potential is embodied by the values of professionalism, experience, creativity, culture and sports.

Experiential tourism is an innovation which is becoming more and more important in the tourism market. This new way of discovering Rome, while riding a bike, running or simply walking, gives the participants a new perspective on the monuments of the Eternal City. ArcheoRunning contributes to the enhancement of the cultural heritage which is included in the running route and gives the chance to rediscover such sites with a different point of view. The routes are proposed in compliance with safety standards, trying to avoid crowded areas or to visit them at unusual times. They are carefully planned in order to become an effective and unique instrument of change.

Sports practice, with its social, educational and formative contents is a right of every citizen and a common interest. The European Sports Charter adopted by the Council of Europe in 1974 states in its first article that everyone has the right to practise sport; in its second article it states that sport must be properly promoted and supported because it is an important development factor for human beings, and this is the underlying principle of the ArcheoRunning project.

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