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For some time, I wanted to create something tangible that could distinguish ArcheoRunnnig , something that embodied everything that is the concept of the project. I started thinking about what meant to me, the importance of running in the project and what emotions this type of running elicited in me. This is how the word RunDipity was born. RunDipity.

Some time ago, I had written the main aspects of RunDipitylike Serendipityare calm, inner silence, intuition, and wisdom, while keeping one’s eyes wide open, but not fixed on the end goal, It calls for a predisposition to accept the fact that in every discovery, as indeed in every aspect of real life, there must be some inherent element of randomness, the discovery of unexpected beauty, even in the race. I started out just like this: running to a goal; but then I found that it was not only this that led me to continue, but really the whole ensemble of energies and positive feelings that running brought me.

Serendipity means, in fact, finding something valuable and pleasurable while you are not looking for it. It means predisposing yourself to welcome feelings and surprises. I found all of this in running and hence I coined the word RunDipity!

A few days ago my idea materialized in a t-shirt that contains the colors of the rainbow and represents the sense of amazement of those who discover unexpected beauty. The t-shirt captures the philosophy and mood that we have been carrying out for a long time.

I was lucky enough to find Graziathe designer of my first logo, who, coming into tune with my ideas, created this delightful design.

In addition to the t-shirt, you can also buy the cute pin and a multi-purpose lanyard, to bring our spirit around the world.

We are going through a difficult period, but with Rundipity merchandise we can share our uplifting philosophy by bringing a colorful and happy message to the streets!

Wishing you all RUNDIPITY!

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