ArcheoRunning also in Verona!

ArcheoRunning running tour in Rome

All of you know that the purpose of ArcheoRunning is to bring well-being, beauty and culture everywhere.

We started a few years ago from Rome, our "hometown", but we are slowly reaching almost everywhere in Italy.

Today, to our collaborations and partnerships, we add the collaboration with the wonderful Verona Marathon!

The city of Romeo and Juliet will welcome us in the days before the race, to show everyone how the combination of sport and culture is possible.

With ArcheoRunning, the participation in a running event can also be an opportunity for a journey to discover the city and to experience a cultural weekend with friends or family.

The match, runner and culture, are perfect in a city like Verona, which very rich in history and art.

And so, we decided to propose THE BEST OF VERONA RUNNING TOUR!

For the Verona Marathon, Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon and Avesani Last 10k, it will be possible to book the new running tour where, practicing a light jogging, we will cross the most iconic places of Verona, discovering stories and anecdotes.

You can participate from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd November, by booking your visit lasting 1.30 / 2 hours. The group will consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 people, each of which it will be equipped with a radio / whisper that will ensure greater safety for all. It will start from Piazza Bra, under the statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, the place of departure and arrival of the marathon and will begin with a warm-up, followed by the experience / running tour to end with a cool-down. All participants will receive an ArcheoRunning gadget.

It is possible to book Archeorunning in Verona in a form for registration to the race at Enternow and then take an appointment at the email -

Registrations are open, as reported on the official website of the event  and on the enternow official registration page.

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