The Aqueduct Park RunningTour

ArcheoRunning Running tour in Rome

Run through two thousand years (and more) of history.

In Rome you can do something unique in the world, impossible in any other place. Wherever you find yourself, just "two steps away" you can find a historical memory that will remind us that in the past there was a temple, an imperial palace and even a series of aqueducts.

Today, in fact, I want to tell you what it feels like and how it feels to run at the Aqueducts Park, an immense park of 240 hectares, not too far from the city center, which step us back two thousand years ago.

This area is part of the Parco Archeologico dell’Appia Antica and houses the ruins of 6 aqueducts, of the 11 that bring water in the city of Rome.

The most impressive arches are those of the Claudio Aqueduct, which is still grandiose, giving the place a unique charm in the world. Obviously this is not the only aqueduct present. We have the Acqua Marcia and also the more "modern" Acquedotto Felice, built in the Renaissance period by the papacy and still used today for irrigation. Among the secular pines you can see the ruins of ancient suburban villas such as that of Vignacce and Sette Bassi, but also a stretch of an ancient Roman road: La via Latina.

Frontino, curator aquarum (curator of the aqueducts), in his treatise “De aquae ductu urbis Romae” which “the highest manifestation of the greatness of Rome”. In fact, they were one of the largest and most hard civil engineering undertakings of the Roman civilization.

For centuries the Tiber was the only source of water supply. When the urban and demographic development began, this, together with the springs and wells, were no longer able to satisfy the needs of the city. It was then that the aqueducts were built. From 312 BC she brought an enormous amount of water to Rome, like no other city in the ancient world, which earned it the title of "regina aquarum", or "queen of waters". Pliny the Elder wrote: “Whoever wants to carefully consider the quantity of water for public use for the baths, swimming pools, fountains, houses, suburban gardens, villas; the distance from which the water comes, the conduits that have been built, the mountains that have been drilled, the valleys that have been crossed, will have to recognize that nothing in the whole world has ever existed more wonderful ". What else?

Running here, with the “Parco degli Acquedotti running tour, is something deeply fascinating and extremely exciting. The most beautiful hours in which to enjoy the park are sunrise or sunset. In these two moments of the day you can admire a fantastic and indescribable light. You just have to live it to understand.

Obviously these two moments are the most suitable to avoid the unbearable heat of the most central hours of the day, especially in summer. In fact, the whole park is exposed to the sun with very few shaded areas. It is essential to bring a hat or a bandana with you. No problem for water, we are in Rome and there are "Nasoni" (public fountains that distribute free water) that take care of our hydration!

So, what are you waiting for contact me and do the The Aqueduct Park RunningTour with me? I'm waiting for you!

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