Rise and shine running tour San Valentine's Day edition

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Valentine's Day is just a few days away, this day is not only for lovers like couple, but also for friends. So why not give a special experience? Rise and shine running tour San Valentine's Day edition created to share a unique moment together!

Valentine's Day is a celebration with very ancient roots, which obviously date back to the ancient Romans who celebrated the Lupercali in the month of February, with the clear intent to purify and celebrate fertility.

Feast abolished by Pope Gelasius I, who promulgated a new one on the 14th, with the aim of Christianizing a pagan feast, as was common at the time. A party which, however, was not immediately linked to the concept of love that we understand today. The practice of exchanging love messages and gifts comes from the High Middle Ages, with the birth of courtly love by Goffrey Chaucer.

But who was Saint Valentine?

Its history is a mystery, because there are at least three saints who had this name.

The first lived in the 2nd century AD. and opposed the Emperor Claudius' decision to abolish marriage and betrothal for boys of military age. The reason was that single guys were better suited for warfare because they were without girlfriends. How did Valentine's Day oppose it? Him celebrating a wedding on February 14th. When the emperor found out, he decided to sentence him to death.

Other stories tell how Valentino helped Christians escape from Roman prisons and was killed for this.

Another Valentino instead was imprisoned and behind bars he fell in love with his jailer's daughter. Before being sentenced to death, he sent her a note signed "from your Valentine", an expression that we all still use today.

But Valentine's Day is the holiday in which those who love exchange a small or big sign of love.

For this reason ArcheoRuning has created rise and shine running tour Saint Valentine's Day Edition, to be shared with your loved one or also with a group of friends.

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