A long story through 2300 years of history

Another great place for a running tour with ArcheoRunning in Rome, treading millennia of history, is the Via Appia. The Appia Antica running tour takes place in Parco Archeologico dell’Appia Antica, which we talked about in the previous one article.

Although the the Appian Way is close to te city center, once you arrive on the "Regina Viarum" - as indicated by the ancient sources - it does not seem to be in modern Rome, but you step back two thousand years. Sometimes we also find ourselves in medieval times, but one thing is certain: we leave the "modern" city to experience another dimension, trampling a long story that unfolds through 2300 years of history with running shoes.

Ancient Roman Consular road, whose construction began in 312 BC. It was wanted by the censor Appio Claudio Cieco (Appius Claudius Caecus), an important exponent of the gens Claudia, who had a pre-existing road renovated and enlarged. Initially arrived in Capua, and then arrived in Brindisi. The primary function was military. It guaranteed the troops a rapid movement towards southern Italy, in order to consolidate the dominion of Rome over that part of the peninsula. It also became a fundamental trade route and shortened travel times between Rome and the centers of the South.  

It was the symbol of the grandeur and splendor of Ancient Rome. On its sides stood the most beautiful tombs of the nobility of the time, but not only. Villas and private bath could be admired.

An example of such splendor is the Villa of Maxentius, the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, the archaeological area of Capo di Bove and the Villa dei Quintili. All these places will be visited during our Appia Antica running tour, so you can't really miss they.

There are so many stories that have followed one another. One of the most famous occurred in 71 BC, when about 6000 rebel slaves led by the famous Spartacus, captured in battle, were crucified along the road from Rome to Capua, as a warning to the slaves present on the Italian territory.

But this road was also the favorite destination of many great tourists who made the journey to Rome to complete their training, because Goethe said that one would not become a man if one did not visit Rome.

Experience the path of the Appian way by running, but also walking or cycling it is an exciting and unique experience in the world!

A combination of nature, archeology and history that offers unique emotions making us step back to past times that had made the city of Rome great.

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